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What I’m up to now

Here is what I’m up to now, as of March 2024. This page was inspired by the now page movement.


I’m still in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧, just outside of London.


I’m at  working on iCloud backend services. I write code (sometimes Swift, sometimes Java, sometimes C++), wrangle distributed systems, and do a lot of infrastructure work (both bare metal and on Kubernetes) using [Pkl(https://pkl-lang.org) as much as I can.


I run a mini homelab to try things out and to self-host a few services. I like my infrastructure to be defined as code and my Uptime Kuma dashboard to show a lot of green.

Our house is solar powered so I am following weather forecasts way more closely than before and I am learning a lot about energy markets and the transition to renewables.

I am exploring electronics. My main project is building sensors to collect data (CO2 level, temperature, humidity) and publish it to a dashboard. I am enjoying writing my firmware using embedded Rust and optimising my builds for long battery life.

We now have a piano at home, so I guess I am trying to learn how to play it.